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Cognac glasses

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The cognac glasses and snifters from Zwiesel Glas are stylish companions of aromatic cognacs. Brandy or other spirits like rum or armagnac should also be enjoyed from these glasses. In cognac snifters with their traditional bulbous shape, the drink can be swirled slowly over the large inner surface of the glass to develop its fine aroma. With their broad curves, the goblets of the cognac snifters from Zwiesel Glas are ideally suited to this.

The short stem of the snifter tempts you to hold the glass by the goblet, so that the warmth from your hand gently brings the cognac to the best drinking temperature. This allows the full flavour of the drink to develop slowly.

Nosing glasses are also used to drink cognac. This form is based on a different way of enjoying the taste. A cognac glass like this has a rim that extends outwards, which guides the complex aromas of the cognac directly towards your tongue and nose.

With their narrow stem and the tulip shape of the bowl that sits on top of this, the cognac glasses are reminiscent of flowers and have a particularly elegant appearance.

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