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Dessert wine glasses

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Dessert wines are full-bodied wines and the perfect accompaniment for suites and desserts. Red and white wines with a strongly sweet aftertaste are classed as sweet or dessert wines and are best enjoyed in a dessert wine glass.

The small, slightly flared goblet shape of dessert wine glasses from Zwiesel Glas is particularly good for keeping the wine, served cool, at the right temperature for some time. The aroma, delightful sweet taste and slight acidity get full attention thanks to the shape.

The tapering mouth of the glass delivers the fruity, sweet aromas of dessert wine straight to the nose and tongue. The refined shape of these wine glasses allows port, Eiswein or sherry to unleash its taste seamlessly, evenly distributing that rich sweetness over the tongue. The dessert wine glass bowl sits atop a long stem and is admired for its particularly delicate look.

Dessert wine glasses from Zwiesel Glas made from Tritan® crystal glass are sparkling and sturdy. They deserve to be admired for their combination of toughness and sparkling shine.

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