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Schott Zwiesel - 4er Set Weizenbier Beer Basic - 130007 - Gr0,5 - fstb
Set of four Wheat beer Beer Basic
€35.80/4pc €22.96/4pc
- 37%
Schott Zwiesel - 4er Set Weizenbier 0,3 Beer Basic  - 130005 - Gr0,3 - fstb
4er Set Wheat beer 0,3 Beer Basic
€31.80/4pc €19.96/4pc
- 34%
Schott Zwiesel - Bierbecher Convention - 0,3l  - 175500 - Gr42 - fstb
Beer Tumbler Convention - 0,3l
€35.70/6pc €23.70/6pc
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- 37%
- 37%
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Schott Zwiesel - Biertulpe Classico - 0,3l - 106296 - Gr0,3 - fstb-2
Beer glass Classico - 0,3l
€47.70/6pc €29.70/6pc

The selection of beer glasses from Zwiesel Glas is as diverse as the types of beer. The variety of beer glasses for this traditional drink is a unity of tradition and modern elegance.

Whether beer tulip, wheat beer glass, beer mug for a tasting or craft beer glasses - Zwiesel Glas offers beer glasses in high quality and a wide variety of shapes. The beer glasses are particularly resistant and easy to clean thanks to the Tritan® crystal glass, which also gives the glasses maximum brilliance - the light refracted in the beer glass brings out the golden tones of the popular drink and makes it sparkle beautifully.

The classic beer glass shapes from Zwiesel Glas are not only a visual statement, they also enable the best possible development of aromas and flavours. Bottom-fermented beers in particular benefit from support in the formation of foam. This is why Zwiesel Glas provides some of its glass models with a mousse point at the base of the glass. This supports the formation of bubbles and creates an airy foam crown. 

Depending on the type of beer, the right glass shape brings drinking pleasure in the traditional style - beer and beer glass become a strong team for the best enjoyment.

Discover the large collection from Zwiesel Glas - Alt and Kölsch glasses, Pils glasses, Willi mugs, wheat glasses as well as the right beer glass for lagers and creative craft beers. Special beer glasses for different types of beer that make the hearts of beer fans beat faster!


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