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Red wine glasses

Red wine glasses from Zwiesel Glas come in classic, flamboyant designs and are admired for their tasteful aesthetic. For the discerning connoisseur and the purist alike, Zwiesel Glas has the right claret, Burgundy or standard glass for a whole range of grape varieties.

The world of wine is diverse and sophisticated, and red wine glasses from Zwiesel Glas do justice to this. We supply wine glasses that help express the soul of red wine and give room for complex aromas to develop. Fine, light red wine belongs in a slim shaped glass, while more powerful and complex characteristics of wine reveal their true potential in the rounder, larger red wine glass.

Whether tough and strong thanks to the unique TRITAN® crystal glass or entirely hand-blown, Zwiesel Glas red wine glasses mean quality at the highest level and are the perfect companion for any occasion.

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