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Almost all of our sparkling wine and champagne glasses have a effervesence point. The effervesence point is a roughened area in the glass that makes sparkling wines sparkle better. You can find more information here

Champagne glasses

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Champagne glasses from Zwiesel Glas are of impressivley high-quality and are admired for their tasteful aesthetic. Whether you're looking for slender champagne flutes, round champagne bowls or the popular champagne tulip - Zwisel Glass offers glasses in various classic or extravagant shapes. The mouth-blown champagne glasses are made using tradtional glass-making skills, which means they are something really special.

The mousse point in the glass's bowl allows the carbonic acid in sparkling wines to bubble and foam, which emphasises the aroma as well as the taste and appearance of the exquisite drink. The champagne glass as an instrument of enjoyment brings every single champagne to life.

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