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Many wines benefit from being decanted before they are tasted. This involves decanting red or white wine into a decanter, which allows the wine to separate from its deposit. At the same time, the wine in the bulbous container is given the space it needs for its aroma to develop. Individual flavour elements are grouped together and combined in a harmonious composition for the palate.

The shape used to aerate the wine, which has been tried and tested for centuries, is a bulbous carafe with a slender neck. Zwiesel Glas continues this tradition, using the classic decanter shape and complementing it with tasteful and modern elements.

The protruding, bulbous red wine decanters are particularly suitable for more mature red wines and bring the taste of the fine drinks to perfection. In contrast, white wines develop better in a slim decanter. As a result, the shapes of the bulbous glasses for red wine and the slim glasses for white wine are reflected in the shapes of the decanters.

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