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Zwiesel Glas meets the highest demands of its customers and offers home accessories for a cosy living environment. Both indoor and outdoor areas can be decorated with accessories from Zwiesel Glas. Vases, bowls and lanterns made of glass can decorate living rooms, gardens or balconies and give them an elegant finishing touch.

Vases from Zwiesel Glas in various shapes and sizes, combined with fresh flowers or other decorative materials, set natural accents and add a special flair to any room. Bowls and lanterns by Zwiesel Glas complete your table setting and create elegant accents. The bowls by Zwiesel Glas are also available in different sizes and shapes to suit your needs. A glass bowl is particularly suitable for arranging snacks, fruit or as a decorative element.

Whether crystal-clear transparent, made of coloured glass or in a matt look - the home accessories by Zwiesel Glas are stylish and complement your style of living perfectly.

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