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The glasses in the Zwiesel Glas ranges include classic shapes and discreetly stylish glasses through to modern designs and unique masterpieces. Zwiesel keeps on reinventing itself and works tirelessly to impress its customers with quality and also imaginative creativity.

When creating its collection of glasses, Zwiesel Glas works with people like renowned designers and creative minds, who do not just combine the form and function of the glasses, but also help them achieve perfection. At the same time, the ranges from Zwiesel Glas closely follow the traditions of glassmaking. The individual mouth-blown pieces have impressive filigree workmanship and the highest level of exclusivity.

With its glasses made from Tritan® crystal glass, the Zwiesel Glas brand is a pioneer in glassmaking - uniquely brilliant, sturdy and particularly durable, the glasses look dazzling and fresh every day.

Whether you're a purist, a connoisseur or a gourmet - Zwiesel Glas will meet all of your requirements. Our outstanding collections of glasses provide a wealth of features in the highest standards of quality and have the right range for every taste. With a great deal of thought going into every little detail, the ranges of glasses from Zwiesel Glas are the crowning glory of any home with their promise of stylish elegance.

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