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Whether you're having juice sat at the table for breakfast, enjoying a soft drink as you watch a film in the evening or even drinking a beer or a whiskey at the bar - your drink of choice tastes twice as good in the right glass and also really looks the part.

Zwiesle Glas is the expert in glassware and has a wide rage of standard drinking glasses. Whether it's unusual glass sets or glasses for purists - Zwiesel Glas has standard drinking glasses of every variety. As well as simple and stylish drinking glasses, the range is supplemented by glasses and tumblers that have creative patterns and surface structures. Zwiesel Glas drinking glasses have forms that are functional, creative and original, all at the same time.

Various series of glass sets are available from Zwiesel Glas in different designs and cater for a range of tastes. Tumblers for water and non-alcoholic drinks have impressive brilliance and durability, which means that they can cope with the demands of everyday life.

Whiskey glasses, cocktail glasses or even glasses for mulled wine create an extraordinary setting for special drinks and, with their shape, set the scene for the taste qualities and aesthetic properties of the drinks - a visual highlight!

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