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Almost all of our sparkling wine and champagne glasses have a effervesence point. The effervesence point is a roughened area in the glass that makes sparkling wines sparkle better. You can find more information here

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For celebrations with friends, for toasts with the family or even for a pleasant date night - prosecco glasses from Zwiesel Glas are made for special moments. At the same time Zwiesel Glas meets individual requirements. Champagne and prosecco are able to develop their taste and aroma with the right glass.

Sparkling wines are shown off to their best visual advantage in the prosecco glasses from from Zwiesel Glas. Whether you want timelessly classic or extravagant - celebrations can be enjoyed in a very special way with the right prosecco glasses. In particular, the hand-made prosecco goblets are unusual gifts for someone else or even for yourself.

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