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Wine is only as good as the glass it's served in. Zwiesel Glas wine glasses bring out the best in wine by letting red and white wines breathe properly and, thanks to their sophisticated shapes, satisfy the demands of various wine characteristics. Perfectly shaped, they guarantee aromas and exquisite flavours can develop fully. Whether standard or specialist, the correct wine glass always knows how to accentuate the special features of the wine it holds - unique moments with that special touch are guaranteed.

Zwiesel glass wine glasses are also a real attention-grabber from an aesthetic point of view. From classic, timeless Schott Zwiesel designs for everyday use, to machine and hand-made premium designer glassware from Zwiesel Glas.

Mouth-blown Zwiesel Glas masterpieces build on the long tradition of craftsmanship and combine a mixture of traditional and modern design. Machine-made wine glasses and wine tumblers - no matter whether the classical, timeless Schott Zwiesel range for everyday use or the Zwiesel Glas range with a uniquely modern design language and refined detailing - have so much value to add thanks to the unique Tritan® crystal glass, exceptional in terms of sparkle, dishwasher resistance, sturdiness and long service life. The sound made by a Zwiesel glass when raising a toast is unique thanks to our Tritan® crystal glass, and so has become a clear distinguishing feature of the brand.

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