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Perfectly shaped glasses from Zwiesel Glas in a number of beautiful designs skilfully set the scene for sparkling wines and provide an unforgettable appearance. Delicate, timeless shapes, but also glass designs with a modern touch, skilfully bring out the most diverse aromas of sparkling wines and champagnes.

The mousse point at the base of the goblet creates a fine perlage that rises to the surface. Champagne and prosecco are not just presented in style in the sparkling wine glasses from Zwiesel Glas, they also bring out a particularly sparkling taste.

Prosecco and champagne glasses from Zwiesel Glas look simply dazzling. Your Tritan® crystal glass is particularly durable and easy to look after. The mouth-blown sparkling wine glasses will also impress you with their exceptionally fine appearance, exclusivity and special quality.

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