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The perfectly shaped decanters from Zwiesel Glas help to aereate red and white wines, so that the wine can release its full variety of tastes and aromas. Decanting the wine creates harmony in mature wines by separating the residue from the wine. The Zwiesel Glas Drop Protect effect in a variety of decanters prevents unwanted stains when serving. The special surface finish stops drops forming on the outside of the glass. Every drop is kept inside.

However, the decanters and carafes do not just provide functionality, they also offer high-quallity craftsmanship and fine design. Whether as part of a set or as an individual piece - the wine carafes from Zwiesel Glas decorate any table you set and help create a stylish ambience. As well as classic shapes and timeless designs, Zwiesel Glas offers a range of unusual and exclusive carafes and decanters.

Even a fine whiskey can benefit from the right presentation and draw admiring looks. The mouth-blown whiskey carafes from Zwiesel Glas are true works of art and make an exceptional gift for whiskey lovers.

The modern water carafes from Zwiesel Glas are great for serving non-alcoholic drinks like water or any juice. The unique TRITAN® crystal glass makes the carafes easy to look after and durable, which means that they are well suited for everyday use and for unique moments with a special touch.

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