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Traditional craftsmanship combined with the greatest artistic skill gives rise to unique works of art. Handmade and mouth-blown - the versatile drinking glasses, water glasses, cocktail glasses and beer glasses from Zwiesel Glas stand for sophisticated design and audibly finest quality.
Diverse taste nuances of white or red wine are impressively highlighted by the individual and mouth-blown glass shapes. Processing by hand allows for particularly fine glasswork. Wafer-thin walls and filigree stems ensure ideal tempering and allow the wine glasses to shine with special elegance. Handcrafted decanters and carafes complete every ensemble and become a charming highlight for individual moments of enjoyment.
The diverse aromas of whisky, cognac or rum can fully unfold in the glasses and connoisseurs of the fine drops experience a taste that meets even the highest demands. As unique home accessories, vases, bowls and lanterns from Zwiesel Glas flatter any ambience and set incomparable highlights. Quality, design and aesthetics combine to create true masterpieces.
The handmade products are always unique - this is what the "Handmade Creations" by Zwiesel Glas stand for.

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