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Spirit glasses

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- 34%
Schott Zwiesel - Shot glass Convention - 175545 - Gr35 - fstb
Shot glass Convention
€5.95/piece €3.95/pc
- 37%
Schott Zwiesel - Whisky Nosing glass Bar Special - 119813 - Gr120 - fstb
Whisky Nosing glass Bar Special
€7.95/piece €4.98/pc
- 40%
Schott Zwiesel - Grappa glass Classico - 106225 - Gr155 - fstb
Grappa glass Classico
€7.50/piece €4.50/pc
- 48%
Schott Zwiesel - Whisky glass For You - 121876 - Gr60 - fstb
Whisky glass For You
€6.24/piece €3.24/pc
- 34%
Schott Zwiesel - Whisky glass Convention - 175531 - Gr60 - fstb
Whisky glass Convention
€5.95/piece €3.95/pc
- 35%
Schott Zwiesel - Shot glass For You - 121874 - Gr35 - fstb
Shot glass For You
€4.99/piece €3.24/pc
- 20%
Schott Zwiesel - Whisky glass Banquet - 128075 - Gr60 - fstb-3
Whisky glass Banquet
€5.50/piece €4.40/pc
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Any bar, whether it's at home or a professional operation, looks great with spirit glasses from Zwiesel Glas. The selection of spirit glasses from Zwiesel Glas includes an impressive number of different shapes and sizes.

Whether they're for fruit brandies, cognac or liqueurs - Zwiesel Glass has the right spirit glass that will skillfully set the scene for strong drinks. It makes no difference whether Zwiesel Glas is creating a grappa glass, a shot glass or a whiskey glass, each of these glasses meets the highest standards of quality, with the special Tritan® crystal glass a clear winner.

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