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There are many people who love whiskey and there's a good reason for this: it's a noble drink that provides a special experience as you enjoy it. Zwiesel Glas offers a variety of whiskey glasses, which leave nothing to be desired in terms of both their shape and design.

Whether you prefer it neat, with ice or water, or in a cocktail - opinions vary about the right way to prepare and drink whiskey. No matter which you choose, Zwiesel Glas whiskey glasses mean you can enjoy your drink however you prefer it. As well as various tumblers, Zwiesel Glas also offers high-quality nosing glasses. With their shape reminiscent of a tulip, these whiskey glasses are particularly suitable for whiskeys that have a variety of aromas, such as single malts. Complex notes can really develop, which guarantees a true symphony of flavours.

The brilliant Tritan® Crystal Glass allows the golden and amber colour facets of the whisky to shimmer, which further enhances the enjoyment of this elegant drink.

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