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Martini glasses

Stirred, not shaken! This is how a proper martini should be served. However, the most famous spy in the world of cinema and literatrue prefers it the other way round. Now whether you'd like to drink your Martini stirred or shaken - the proper way to enjoy this drink is out of a martini glass from Zwiesel Glas.

The martini glass has a characteristic shape that is instantly recognisable, which is why this cocktail glass has become symbolic for all cocktails. As a modified cocktail bowl, the conical goblet of the martini glass sits on a slender stem. Zwiesel Glas martini glasses use this traditional shape, although visually they have been brought up to date with contemporary trends. This means that martini glasses from Zwiesel Glas stand out with their delicate details and the highest quality.

Zwiesel Glas also offers varieties of martini glasses with filigree surface structures that give them a particularly elegant and refined appearance. The pure colour of the drink sparkles in the brilliant martini glasses from Zwiesel Glas as the light is refracted and reflected many times by fine structural elements in the crystal glass.

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