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- 38%
Schott Zwiesel - Grappa glass Classico - 106225 - Gr155 - fstb
Grappa glass Classico
€7.95/piece €4.95/pc
- 20%
Schott Zwiesel - Shot glass Convention - 175545 - Gr35 - fstb
Shot glass Convention
€4.95/piece €3.95/pc
- 25%
Schott Zwiesel - Shot glass For You - 121874 - Gr35 - fstb
Shot glass For You
€4.99/piece €3.74/pc
- 14%
Zwiesel Glas - Shot glass Pure - 122317 - Gr35 - fstb
Shot glass Pure
€7.95/piece €6.84/pc
- 54%
- 14%
Zwiesel Glas - Grappa glass Enoteca - 122087 - Gr155 - fstb-2
Grappa glass Enoteca
€44.95/piece €38.66/pc
- 14%
Zwiesel Glas - Shot glass Tavoro - 122418 - Gr35 - fstb
Shot glass Tavoro
€6.95/piece €5.98/pc
- 20%
Schott Zwiesel - Shot glass Banquet - 128092 - Gr35 - fstb-3
Shot glass Banquet
€4.95/piece €3.96/pc

The shot glasses from Zwiesel Glas are great for all types of liqueurs, fruit brandies or other high-proof drinks, such as grappa or vodka. The elegant shot glasses from Zwiesel Glas really look the part and are perfect for a professional bar or even for using at home.

As well as glasses that are timeless classics, unusual designs also make for a tasteful way of presenting these fine drinks.

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